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Once just for socializing, MUSHes (Multi-User Shared Hallucination) became very popular for role-playing. Many featured the popular gaming systems while some operated on their own systems.

The goal of this wiki is to catalog the history of the gaming MUSH (as well as MUDs, MUXes and MU*s in general) as well as the characters and hopefully even logs.

Please help by adding the games you remember and characters that either you had or remembered.


To quickly search by a list of Games, Characters, or Players, please use one of the categories listed below. When creating your pages, please be sure to put them in the appropriate categories so that they will show up in these lists!

How To GuideEdit

I created a quick How To Guide based on how I have been adding information to the Wiki for the sake of clarity and to show how to make everything show up in the lists automatically without having to manually update long lists of characters, games, etc.. Once you add the page with the proper categories, they should populate the lists themselves. Hooray for less manual work!

Player Pages

  • Add a page with the title "<First Name> <Last Name>" (ie: Cheryl Dowling)
  • Add it to the category "Players"
  • In the page create a link called "Character List" and link it to "Category:FirstName_LastName" (ie: Cheryl_Dowling)
  • Now all characters that you put in your name category will show up under your Character List.

Character Pages

  • Add a page with the title "<MUSH Name> - <Character Name>" (ie: A Hint of Malice - Briar)
  • Add it to the categories "Characters", "<MUSH Name>" (ie: A Hint of Malice), and "<Player Name>" (ie: Cheryl Dowling)
  • You can also link directly to the pages of the MUSH that the character is from and the Player page from within the page, but categorizing them under your name and the game name (as long as everything is properly formatted) should add them to the character lists for the player pages and game pages automagically as well.

Game Pages

  • Add a page with the title "<MUSH Name>" if it does not already exist. (ie: A Hint of Malice)
  • Add it to the category "Games" and "<Game Type>" (ie: White Wolf)
  • In the page create a link called "Character List" and link it to "Category:MUSH_Name" (ie: A_Hint_of_Malice)
  • Now all characters put in the MUSH name category should show up in its Character List.

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